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EuRIC Construction & Demolition Branch (ECDB)

EuRIC Construction & Demolition Branch (ECDB) was founded in 2023 following the end of Metabuilding project and in response to the increase of the demand and markets for recycled aggregates and other C&D recycling products in Europe, contributing to the achievement of the EU's climate and environmental objectives. The aim of ECDB is to represent the European construction and demolition waste recycling industries towards the European institutions and to cooperate with other European and international stakeholders, with the support of other EuRIC branches impacted. ECDB members are national recycling federations active in the collection, recycling and trade of construction and demolition materials.

ECDB Members


Swedish Recycling Industries' Association


Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V.


Dutch Waste Management Association


Fédération Professionnelle des Entreprises du Recyclage


Federación Española de la Recuperación y el Reciclaje



Recycling Industries of Finland

I am deeply honored to assume the leadership of our recently established construction sector branch, where our mission is to enable our industry to champion the transformation of what is currently discarded into valuable resources, fostering a positive environmental footprint.”

Pär Larshans, ECDB President
Presidency & Executive Committee
  • President
    Pär Larshans

  • Vice presidents
    Christoph Althammer
    Giorgio Bressi

  • Other Executive Committee members
    Joseph Aschl
    A.M. (Hans) Boer

internal rules
EuRIC contact person
Antoine Stilo
Policy Advisor
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