European Ferrous Recovery and Recycling Branch (EFR)

The European Ferrous Recovery and Recycling Branch (EFR) seeks to study and examine all European regulatory and technical matters which are relevant for the collection, processing, recycling, transport and trade of ferrous metals and alloys. This ensures proper representation of EFR’s members and the ferrous scrap industry towards the EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders e.g., CEN/CENELEC, Basel Convention, etc. EFR members provide expert input on any EU initiatives which are relevant for the recycling and trade of ferrous metals. EFR was created in 1992 from the Liaison Committee for ferrous scrap (COFENAF) within the European Economic Community (EEC), the precursor to the EU, and was incorporated as a EURIC branch in 2016.

EFR Members


Associazione Industriale Riciclatori Auto


Association of independent secondary raw material Processors



Swedish Recycling Industries' Association


Bulgarian Association of Recycling


Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Stahlrecycling- und Entsorgungsunternehmen


British Metals Recycling Association


Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V.



Fédération Professionnelle des Entreprises du Recyclage


Federación Española de la Recuperación y el Reciclaje

HJ Hansen Recycling Industry LTD A/S


Scrap Economy Chamber of Industry and Commerce


Kuusakoski Oy


Metal Recycling Federation

Norsk Returmetallforening


Federation of Recycling and Energy Recovery Industries and Enterprises

Steel Impex DOO


Bundesgremium des Handels mit Maschinen, Computersystemen, Sekundärrohstoffen, technischem und industriellem Bedarf

EFR Partners

LKQ Europe

“Shredding is the major processing technique for the production of high-quality steel scrap. EuRIC, through EFR, has made decisive contributions to rationalising relevant EU legislation and will continue to support its members against misinterpretations at national level that hinder the establishment of a European Circular Economy.”

Thomas Papegeorgiou, EFR President
Presidency & Executive Committee
  • President
    Thomas Papageorgiou

  • Vice presidents
    Howard Bluck
    Daniel Houska

  • Other Executive Committee members
    Caroline Craenhals
    Birgit Gushall-Jaik, Tuomas Haikka
    Peter Hodecek
    Tess Pozzi

internal rules
EuRIC contact person
Rikarnto Bountis
Technical Advisor
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