EuRIC’s Annual Conference 2019

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EuRIC’s Annual Conference 2019: Implementing Circular Value Chains

EuRICs Annual Conference 2019


EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, would like to kindly thank all our participants, sponsors, speakers and media partners who were part of EuRIC’s Annual Conference 2019- Implementing Circular Value Chains - which took place last 13th March 2019 in Brussels.

The conference started with introductory speeches by Mr. Murat Bayram (EMR), who moderated all sessions, and Mr. Michael Schuy (Rudolf Schuy GmbH & Co KG). With the plastic recycling value chain as main topic of the 2019 edition, the conference program covered recycled content targets, product policy framework to support the change from a linear to a circular economy and financial incentives to boost circularity. Obstacles to the circular negatively impacting European recyclers such as the lack of interface between waste and chemicals legislations or the importance to streamline waste shipment procedures were also highlighted.

The wide range of topics and points of view (from the industry, the institutions, the financial sector, etc.) shared in EuRIC’s Annual Conference 2019 was possible thanks to the expertise and variety of the panel of speakers. A special mention goes to Mr. Antti Peltomäki (Deputy Director General, DG Grow, European Commission), Mrs. Emmanuelle Maire (Head of Unit, Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption, European Commission) and Mr. Pavel Misiga (Head of Unit, Eco-innovation, DG RTD, European Commission), who outlined in their presentations the actions that the European Union is carrying out to support the change from a linear to a circular economy (for example, the mandatory recycled content targets for plastic bottles by 2025 and 2030, the expected changes in EU product policy and the financial support of the institutions to boost circularity). In his speech, Mr. Antti Peltomäki stressed the importance of the collaboration between the recycling industry and the institutions to work jointly on the improvement of the ecodesign of plastic products, the collection, the recycling and the incorporation of materials into new products.

With close to 170 attendees, EuRIC’s Annual Conference 2019 succeeded at bringing together industry representatives from different countries and recycling streams and provided them with a space to share their challenges and commitments linked to the future of the recycling sector. Mr. Michaël Mansuy (Public Affairs Director - Waste Management, Veolia Group) presented Veolia’s engagements to fight plastic pollution by implementing recycling solutions. The car industry is also committed to include recycled plastics in their products, as Mrs. Sandra Tostar (Volvo Car Corporation) explained: Volvo aims to include 25% of recycled plastics in all newly launched vehicles from 2025. However, as Mrs. Christine Leveque (Suez Group) explained, all these commitments need to be supported by legislators in order to be successful (for example, by leveraging product ecodesign).

EuRIC kindly thanks all their conference sponsors (Veolia, Grupo OTUA, Suez, ANAMET SA, PCEP, FER and MPE-Média) and media partners for supporting and promoting this event, which ended with a networking and dinner cocktail at BluePoint Brussels, where the conference took place.

The presentations, the conference’s press release and a photo gallery are available on EuRIC’s Annual Conference webpage:


Download this press release here.

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 Save the date! – ERC 2019 – 19 September 2019, Paris (France)

EuRIC is already working on the European Recycling Conference 2019 (ERC 2019) with FEDEREC. We are looking forward for you to join us again next 19th September in Paris! Stay tuned for more details!

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