Position paper - Boosting the circular economy by speeding up waste shipment procedures in the EU - 27.03.2019

The Waste Shipments Regulation (WSR) is a vital piece of legislation. The EU guarantees free movement of goods, services and people. It has strict rules in place to ensure that not only waste shipments are safe and traceable, but also that the waste is properly treated at its final destination. The Regulation unfortunately is implemented by the Member States with largely differing enforcement rules. Consequently, the shipments of wastes for recycling are often hampered resulting in counterproductive results. In order to ensure a smooth functioning of EU waste markets, an update of the Regulation, which guarantees the implementation of harmonized rules and procedures across the EU Member States is vital for the completion of the EU Circular Economy. Particularly the improvement of notification procedures of waste shipments to compliant recycling facilities, producing secondary raw materials, offers huge potential. A first Fast-Track Notification pilot project has been successfully approved within 19 working days and testifies of the benefits of speeding up notification procedures, in line with Article 14 of the Regulation.

pdf Boosting the circular economy by speeding up waste shipment procedures in the EU

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