EuRIC Reaction to the Proposed Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation (Batteries – modernizing EU rules)

Key points

  • Recycled content should be made mandatory to all battery categories
  • Consistent and further clarified definitions are needed
  • Inclusion of Voluntary Agreements
  • Removability and replaceability of all batteries and not only of portable ones (with batteries mechanically bounded and easily accessible)
  • Consistent adjustment of labelling obligation for all information until 2023 and information provided for all levels of batteries
  • Introduction of a clear colour coding, depending on batteries’ types
  • Introduction of specific waste code number for the different types of Li-ion Batteries
  • Obligation for producers to periodically investigate in which waste streams batteries are disposed of and act upon it
  • Continuously adapting to BATs is not feasible for treatment facilities due to constant technological advancement
  • End-of-life information to always be made available in a free and public website and be complemented, if necessary, upon request

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