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EuRIC comments on the targeted revision of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD)

17 October 2023

The Waste Framework Directive is a critical legislative instrument guiding waste management operator across EU Member States. As the EU seeks to continually enhance its environmental policies, the European Recycling Industries Confederation (EuRIC) commends the efforts to partially revise this Directive to address current challenges. EuRIC Textiles, EuRIC’s branch dedicated to textiles reuse and recycling, welcomes the focus placed on textile waste.

While EuRIC Textiles supports the overall aim of the revision, we have identified several critical points that require careful consideration to ensure the Directive’s effectiveness. In this context, the European Parliament’s initiative to expand the partial revision by incorporating illegal landfill provisions and defining the use of inert waste in cement as recycling, is unclear. Consequently, this position paper will concentrate on articles concerning Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for textiles.