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Position paper – Recast of the POP Regulation ahead of the vote in Plenary: Preserving high quality plastics recycling from WEEE & ELVs in Europe

13 November 2018

The proposal made in the ENVI Committee to set an unintentional trace contaminant (UTC) of 10 ppm for decaBDE in the Annex I of the POP Regulation, which is 100 times lower than the threshold set by the REACH restriction, will put an end to plastics recycling from WEEE and ELVs in Europe. European plastics recyclers from WEEE and ELVs contribute to remove large quantities of hazardous substances from the material cycles and accelerate their phase out. For this reason, EuRIC urges the European Parliament to support amendment 30 tabled by Mrs. Julie GIRLING, Rapporteur of the ENVI Committee, which is vital to preserve state of the art plastics recycling from WEEE and ELVs in Europe while strengthening environmental standards, in line with the aim of moving towards a more circular economy.