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ENVI packaging report endangers circularity in Europe

25 October 2023

Yesterday, the EU Parliament's Environment Committee adopted a contradictory position that endangers packaging waste circularity and Europe’s recycling industry.

EuRIC welcomes the recyclability provisions, mechanical recycling prioritisation, revision of the recycled content targets not based on prices, mandatory collection quotas, and more stringent compostable packaging rules. While positive developments were made, a striking contradiction with the EU's circularity objectives emerged. We warn that relying solely on self-declaration for recycled content won't cut it for EU compliance or shield our industry from unfair competition. We need mandatory third-party verification.

Granting priority access for producers to recycled materials would strangle competition and breach EU law, hampering innovation. Facilitating monopolistic aspirations from one industry in the name of addressing an alleged availability issue is a deceptive idea with massive perverse effects.

We also strongly oppose the bio-based plastic feedstock amendment. Mixing sourcing of plastics with its end-of-life treatment would undermine the recycling content targets ’efficiency and vital investments in R&D.

It's time to shift focus towards measures that address the core challenges of the circular economy, laying down the groundwork for building robust collection and recycling infrastructure in Europe. ENVI’s final text, whilst improving recyclability provisions, opens the door to undermining efficiency and packaging circularity objectives at EU level. This step in the wrong direction should be reversed in the plenary session.




Note to editor:

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